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Busted Flex-Pipe?

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Hey, need some input here..
my exhaust system failed a few days ago, rust made it fall apart right after the Cat while i was driving, hense making me drag my Cat for about a mile, it suffered no damage, but i had to reverse slightly to parallel park. Obviously, it caught a crack in the road slightly and bent my flex-pipe.
I'm wondering, is there a way to slavage this?, or is it a lost cause and i have to get a new flex-pipe?


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I once tried to bandage a flexpipe with that cheap muffler tape and muffler cement. I failed.

New flexpipes are expensive, since it comes with those curved pipes specially for the car. When the flexpipe failed on my 626, my mechanic welded in a cheaper universal replacement.
time for some ebay headers :p
I can't see from the pictures if flexpipe itself has suffered any damage. Unfortunately you need atleast middle part of exhaust on the car to check it. Maybe all you need is to bend hangers back.
The flex pipe is supposed to do just that, flex. Judging by the pictures, your hanger bracket were bent. If the outside weaving is still intact, then the interior ducting should be ok as well. They are pretty durable and can take quite a beating. Try bending the hangers back and post back your results so we can help.

Hope it helps.
I vote ebay headers and downpipe.:)
I can not see your pictures(they are blocked on my computer) but I just had the flex pipe replaced in my pgt. Took it to the local salvage yard and they had pieces of flex pipe cut out of cars and they just welded in a new piece of flexpipe. The flex pipe in mine is out of a ford taurus. Just a thought, but like I said I cant see the pics so i was trying to go off of your description, Only cost me $20 and its been on for about 3 months no problems.
I just checked in more detail, And i think if i could straighten out the flex-pipe, it would still be fine, but i cant bend the thing for the life of me!
Another problem, i believe thats its not the hangars that bent, but the downpipe that backed up about an inch, and again, its in fine condition, but i cant bend it!
i took a steel bar to it and it didn't straighten out in the slightest.
So i think it indeed is time for some ebay headers, would have been a shame to install a Borla cat-back onto stock headers anyways i guess
Hey bud I was in the same boat you were about a week ago, my downpipe broke off the flex pipe so I bought ebay headers and a high flow cat, as well I got 2.25" pipes from the catback to a magnaflow muffler.

They take about a week to arrive but when they do its like christmas morning!
did you install your headers yourself of have it done? i dont have the best equipment to do it, so i was debating having it done.
And if you did have it done, how much did they charge you for installation?
I'm getting them installed tomorrow, I've gotta get my magnaflow cat welded up, if that wasn't the case I'd install the headers myself as they're just bolt on. I'd replace your o2 sensors while you're in that area, your gas mileage and performance will really improve.

I got a quote of $200 from this one shop I always go to.
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