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I'm putting my cylinder head back together and putting it back on the engine. I'm having a bit of trouble putting the camshaft sprocket back on. It seems that there is 4 positions in which it can line up. The haynes manual refers to the "knock pin" on the cam shaft. Does anyone know which number on the sprocket the knock pin is supposed to line up with, 1,2,3, or4?

any thoughts would be great.

PS- If you live in Canada, December is a bad month for overhauling your engine in your driveway!

Rotate the camshaft so that the pin on it is facing the mark in the timing cover. Slide the Camshaft gear onto the pin with #1 facing directly up, Like in this pic:

Now, when you put your distributor back on, you will want the rotor to be facing towards the firewall on a 45 degree angle.

Do all that, and you should be able to get the car to run well enough to fine tune the timing with a timing light.

Don't forget to turn the crank gear to match the mark on the cover also. Otherwise your crank and cam will be WAY off from each other.
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