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89 mx-6

So I've got a CEL that comes on at freeway speeds. It will come on occasionally between 40-60mph, but that's pretty rare. Usually it comes on around 70mph. However it will turn off after a few minutes. Sometimes it'll turn off if I rev match down into 4th gear or speed up to 80mph, but it always turns off after a minute or so and if I've been driving long enough it won't even come back on. Also it will turn off if I slow down or come to a complete stop.

I don't notice any strange sounds while driving or at idle. Car runs fine, feels good and normal to drive. Thinking it could be something like an O2 sensor but have no clue and I'm at a loss.

I tried using the paperclip method with the wiring harness near the strut tower but since the CEL turns off, it seems like the car doesn't think there is a code because it doesn't flash anything, and stays off after I turn the key to ON.

Any ideas on how to figure out what it might be?
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