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capella badges wanted!

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i know this might belong in the wanted section but i thought it might be valuable to some other people too..

does anybody know where i can get my hands on some capella badges and a grill?

i also wouldnt mind the us tail lights (upside down version of ours)..
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There is an import Capella up the road from me... ;)

But apart from that, I have no idea.
Try NZ, or you want me to try ;)
anton, if u can get a price for me i'll be happy.. (just for the badges, i have a rough idea of the price on the lights)
oh, and a price on the grill too!

feel free to make a profit ofcourse.
the grill cost me $5 for you ill charge you $150 i dont feel like making a big profit LOL

check a wreckers...there is a capella magnum near me one day im going to get the grill and air cleaner and rocker cover :)
yeah, i'll be calling a few wreckers over the next few days.. but i seriously doubt my chances.

so which countries actually got the mx6 badged as a capella c2? im under the impression that japan did, and nz? who else?

although from what i understand, most people in japan have no idea what a capella c2, or 1st gen mx6 even is.. i onced enquired with an importer on the price of importing a whole 1st gen over from japan (complete with fe3 ofcourse) and he got back to me a few days later only to say that all his suppliers didnt know what he was talking about..... he then tried to offload a fj20 powered s12 silvia to me!!..
Japan got C2. small amount of europe as well. NZ had 626s but a lot of them are Capellas down there....... DAMN those australian importing laws.

C2s weren't popular in japan...... REALLY not pupular. people opted for Cargo/Wagons.

they are rare finds in Japan now, not only because they were rare, but because they are old.

also don't forget its not Capella C TWO, its Capella C SQUARED..... at least thats the official name. if you want to try again i can give you a body code for both GT-R and GT-X models :shrug:
also i already found you a grill (like mine) and most likely a Capella badge, but im 80% he wouldn't have C2 badge, hell who knows :shrug:

if you are set on C2 ill try NZ
anton, what does your grill look like?

is it the one with the 'C' in the middle? because thats what im after!

ok, so the 'capella' replaces the mazdaMX6 on the back right corner right?

where does the c2 go then?

p.m me some prices dude! (or post em here, either way)

thanks mate....
ok here is my grill:

Capella C2 badge is one peace and it replaces mazda mx6..... Mazda on the other side stays as it was
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i got that grill, the crash repairer put it on after i hit a taxi, i said thanks
looks way better. maybe i should source the car it came from..
thats an old efini symbol, back in the day it was an option you tick when you get the car, in 91 efini became factory backed tuner.
anton, forget what i said via p.m..

put me down for one grill and a badge })

does anybody know how much it would cost me to get that thing between the tail lights painted...

u know, so it would look like they arent joined? hope you guys understand what im on about, its hard to explain.. i might try find a pic instead
haha, excuse my 2 second photoshop but its what im getting at -

i just realised that this wont work very well.. i think i would need the 91 model lights as they are flat.. anybody done this before? ive seen two 1st gens like this and i think they look sweet.
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For the rear light mod you can just paint it with good two pack. or in other cases they fill it in, like on some older honda's ETC.
The fill and makei t smooth an paint.
3rd option is to replace it with some sort of custome plastic pannel or even metal. i've seen it done to a toyota.
are these the ones your after????

if so drop me a pm.
(email notification when someone drops a reply doesnt work with me...)
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