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Hey guys, I've had my 96 MX6 for a few years now and have recently run into a problem. Twice in the last two weeks, I've gone out to my garage to go to work, tried to start the thing and nothing all. Battery was good, alternator was good.

Called AAA, they came out and I thought it might need a jump. The guy takes my key, locks/unlocks the driver then the passenger side. Gets right in and it starts up. I had never heard of anything like it. He said he sees it from time to time, maybe a security kill switch was tripped, etc....

happened again this morning, so I tried the tow truck guys trick. That didn't work, so after about 10 minutes I gave up...long story short, I went back out and tried again, and after about two minutes, got it to randomly start with no problem. Is my car possessed or what?!? haha...seriously....Anyone have that problem?

I don't have keyless entry, no security system, or anything. The one thing I should mention is that my driver side door lock is broken...key wont turn in it. The other thing is, the "Security" light flashed on the dash a few times when I tried to start it. I've only seen that light before when I open my trunk with the key....I'll see it flash a few times.

I'm at a loss....any help is appreciated....:help:
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