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Car kicking out of 5th

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The other day my car started kicking out of 5th gear down the highway. It seems to stay in only sometimes or if i give it a shot of gas before letting out the clutch. All other gears go and stay in fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they now what it was and how much would it cost to fix (if its something i cant do myself). Would this have something to do with the clutch? or the gearbox or syncros? Thanks
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make sure you have enough oil in the tranny, maybe you are due for a change.
most likely shifter linkage or a bad synchro
i vote for a bad synchro
i still say check the oil, i had that problem once and then changed the fluid and its all good now.....
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my 3rd does the same thing its the syncro
x2 on checking the oil level...

If not that, THEN go ahead and remove the box to check other things...
It should not be the syncro. It is probably a bent fork or the ball is bad. What these do is when you they wear either the fork bends or the ball doesnt roll in its groove like it should. This will cause it to pop out of gear. The fork and ball give it the feel of "popping" in and out of gear when you shift.

I had this on my 96pgt, eventually what happened is it would pop out of gear once in a while then more often then every 1/2 mile and what happened to me was I was going down the highway at 75 tranny hadnt acted up in a while so I thought(hoped) it fixed itself, but it popped out of gear and then caught gear again and blew apart the tranny and clutch. I still have the gearbox with a hole about the size of a half dollar where the diff gear shot out of the tranny. I will get some pics of the inside if I can and show what I am talking about.

First check grease etc... then I would imagine that it is either the fork or the ball not the syncro.
thanks for the replies guys, i did a tranny flush, it was pretty low on fluid so i put in all new fluid and even put some lucas in... it didn't fix the problem tho so i think the next thing i will check is the shifter linkage... the shifter seems to move in any gear every time i press the throttle so apparently it might be the mount as well... were gonna get it off the ground and check everything out tomorrow and hopefully find out what the problem is. thanks again for all the suggestions
I'd say you have a worn shift fork, which is typically why trannies pull out of gears in the first place. It may be that in conjunction to a number of other things, but thats usually the cause.
I got that problem on my ride home from MMX.

it turned out to be a warn syncro and worn fork, i just bought a used trannie, dropped box and replaced. ;)
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