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Car making weird noises!

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Help, my mx6 is making some weird noises :(

Here's the situation:

I changed my oil 2000km ago(it's now at 231,000) and put 4l in. We checked the dip stick and it seemed like a good amount. After that I was driving around and noticed the car to be a little sluggish. So I stopped and let the car settle and checked the stick and it was down low, so I put another litre in and was wondering why a litre of oil dissappeared in like a week. So I kept driving and a few days later I noticed this whooshing sound coming from the car, but it only makes the sound when I have the gas more than halfway on or when I'm flooring it through the gears. It's almost like it is going whoosh, whoosh, whoosh very fast repeatedly as I keep giving it gas. Then my muffler broke off from my exhaust and needs to be welded back on. Now the sound is rediculously loud since the muffler is off, and the car has a loss of power.

So I took it out my friends house last night and drained all the oil out, and guess what. There was only 2 and a 1/2 litres of oil in the engine! where did it go?? I put 4 litres in when we changed it and another litre in after it went low again. I know that is a very high amount of oil for a car, and that might've been the problem in the first place. But now the car is sluggish, has a whooshing sound everytime I give it a lot of gas and oil is dissappearing? I put 3 1/2 litres of oil in last night and have it sitting in my yard not wanting to drive it. Does anybody know what the problem is? Thanks, I need help!
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Also, we were under the car trying to take the oil plug out and noticed the oil filter was covered in oil and the hose connected to it was wet as well. Could it be a slow leak in the oil hose or maybe a bad filter? Also, when I took the oil out of the car last night, it looked like it had 10,000 km on it, it was very dark and it looked worn. It was only 2000km old!
When the oil filter is covered in oil, there are only a few things it could be. Since you have a loss of power, I would start by looking at the valve cover gasket on the front to see if it has a massive leak somewhere. If not, then you can look at the oil filter to see if it's still hand tight. If that's not the issue either, then it could be the oil pressure sending unit (opsu) which looks like a spark plug with a wire sticking out of it and is located above the oil filter housing. Sometimes it develops a leak and you should be able to spot it with a mirror fished down between the rad and the motor.

If that's not it, then the oil filter cooler (the hose you said is wet actually has coolant in it and leads to the oil filter cooler) has an o-ring between it and the motor. There's a 30mm nut visible when the oil filter is removed that will allow access to this o-ring. There is a shield around the oil filter cooler that has to be removed before you can fully remove the cooler, but on mine it was so rusted that I didn't even attempt to remove the two bolts, I used a grinder to cut a slit in the shield and removed the cooler that way.

When the cooler is off, look even higher because the cooler was actually attached to a separate piece that bolts to the block, and that piece is held to the block with 3 bolts and has a hard gasket between it and the block, and that's where mine was leaking from. The gasket is cheap from the dealer, but is a b!tch to scrape off without marring the gasket surface.

Here's a thread on probetalk with a link to a pic showing all the parts:
Oil filter cooler gasket? Help plz - Forums
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