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Car sitting

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So I am in college and my car is sitting in my driveway for a while. Maybe 2 weeks at a time. Is that healthy? Is there anything I can do to not screw up my car?

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hahaha. just change your oil on time and do your scheduled maintenance..... you'll be fine
Nothing with the battery? Ok didn't think there was much I could do.
Nope, Two weeks shouldn't be long enough to really do much. I guess you could get one of those solar powered battery "tenders", but I really don't think you need that.
Pshh mine been in my driveway since march and hasnt moved not once.....and surprisingly it isn't that dirty
If you really are worried than disconnect the battery.. Other than that it should be fine
Then after that it is going to be sitting in a Marina parking lot on the Cape (MA) So its gonna get a beating, weather wise. But there is no snow down here. I am on cape cop cannal. Litterally I can look out my window and see boats going by and look out my buddies room and see 700 ft barges pass by.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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