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Hi everbody!

I just joined up with this site today but have used it constantly for help with some issues :)
The car I have is a 1993 Mx-6 LS. I just recently did a engine swap on car and replaced the old eng. with one from a 93 Probe GT. The swap went fine, I changed the Oil, plugs, wires (the car sat for 3 years b/c the old motor was siezed :(.

The main problem I am having now that everything is hooked back up is the car will not start. The battery is dead but I attempted a jump. I can hear the starter working and the engine is turning fine (so it seems). But no combustion :(.

I still havent blead the clutch yet but it will let me push it in enough to try to start.
MY throttle cable is possibly cramped up, my pedal is stuck on floor and i cant even pull it back up, there is nothing visable on the line to suggest why this has happened.

I did hook the wire up properly from the diagram i found on this site. So now im kinda lost b/c I'm a HUGE MX fan and rdy to drive her again.

Thankyou for all help :)
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