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Car wont start again

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Im having a frustrating episode with my car ATM. For the last few weeks my car has been loosing spark and not firing over.
I first changed over the Igniter and it worked again, I then changed back to the original igniter to see if that was the problem and it still started so god knows....

It went for a few days till again no spark....
I was able to get it started by arcing the main lead off the coil on to the body of the car till it sparked agin then put it back in to the igniter and away it drove again.....?

Again about a week later it would not start... this time I could not get it to arc off the body so I went and put in a new coil and still no spark.... after another 5 minutes of trying to start it by turning it over it started again, and was fine for another few days......?

Now today it wont start again....? this time it would not leave home so least im not stranded like other times. I have installed the old igniter with no luck swapped over main coil to dizzy leads without luck!
I have ran out of things to try I have no spark from the coil and on idea how to get this working.
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Well here we go again....

RAA (NRMA) just left and yes it's going again. The guy just did what I was already doing like rechecking plugs testing for spark etc. he tried to arc the main lead to the body and got spark and then put it in the dizzy again and presto running again!
He says there could still be a problem but its very hard to track, if it happens again all I can do is to try and arc it again.
He says the problem could be in the dizzy with a bad connection to the internal coil (sender) or the ECU could be playing up.
I have just brought a ECU with a woo chip installed so maybe once that goes in it wont happen again... who knows?
My car does something similar to that, when it doesn't start I just play around with the plug on the dizzy... just touch it and move it a bit, then it fires up. I thought it was leads coz I couldn't get the thing to start and the leads hadn't been done in ages... so I did them and the car started so I thought I fixed the problem... wasn't til it wouldn't start the next time that I realised it was something else.
Well if it's anything it's the Dizzy dieing

usually it's not internal but plug related due to heat. An obvious sign is when the heat sheilding plastic and tape is britlle and breaks away- Because then the internal wiring is usually on the way out.

When I first did my F2T in my Mx-6, it had short in it. But it was behind the plug so bought a new which was do able in 2000.
but even now I've had trouble with simialro n the FE because of age.

New dizzy's aint' cheap either.

but in some cases it can be easily fixed as well.
i had a very similiar experience with my 6 a couple of months ago thought it could be leads dizzy plugs. Turned out to be the starter motor. I changed that and since then havent had any trouble.
Could even be your ignition switch
it doesnt, but i experienced the same thing and since replacing the starter it hasnt caused any issues. The guys tried everything i did, and what fixed the problem for me was a new starter. Just throwing ideas out there
I have seen this car doing this first hand

It seemed that the coil had nothing at all, then started intermittently sparking, then it appeared to be consistantly sparking. Im talking about from the coil lead onto the strut tower bolt (and my finger - LOL).

kycota - sometimes it did just click when attempting to start
dissy mate, that's all i can think off, my mrs TX3 did exactly the same thing yet it was coil... and you have put a new coil and igniter on, so i reckon the igniter isn't getting a clear signal from the dissy or is not getting a signal all together...
yeah thats the same advise I got from RAA, the dizzy was not sending the message to the igniter. He said it can be clean out from inside and it should be fine (not that I can seem to open the dizzy!!!) Well It's started first time every time since RAA came around so knock on wood it will be fine from now on :)
Don't wait, get another dizzy on stand by.
Exactly the same senario i experienced.
There was no ryhme or rhythm when the car wouldnt start.
Absolutely no dizzys available on the shelf from all the major EFI parts stores. I had it scoped at an ignition systems specialist. They benched tested it and couldnt fault it. So i told them to go ahead and reco it. They pressed in a new bearing, replaced the G + N signal sensors. Problem solved!

The most pleasing part is that it was alot cheaper than i anticipated.
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