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Cd player, Sound just quits but the bass is still there.

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i have been doing the interior changing it to black, did all the front panels that are near the CD player yesterday and i drove it yesterday and it all worked fine.
today i took out the rear door cards and seat belts.

turned on the car, and bang, no sound. I sill have bass, my subwoofer is playing like normal.
I pulled the CD player out, made sure everything was still plugged in (which it was) and pushed it back into the slot.
hasnt returned to normal.

so my question is, does this sound like a wireing problem, or did the CD player just take a shit on me.

it is a very expensive sony cd player too.

karma for replys.
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You didn't touch any of the wires when you were installing the back panels?

Sounds alot like its the deck going on you to me.
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mmhm.. that was my worries.

but no i definitely didnt get in there when i did the front panels. but even if, i had it out all night with it working right. then this morning it just didnt work..
PM Graham or I4MX6 about it, either of them will be able to help you figure out the problem alot better than I can.
nevermind.. i found the problem!

the previous owner rigged this car up crazy with the wiring of just about everything (i guess luckly all he modified the car with was an alarm and sound system.. if he did anything performance it could have been ugly.. :)).

he had wiring just twisted together, and they were touching eachother.
^Good call. I was just going to say something is grounding out...likely the RCA's. Glad you found the culprit though.
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