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I recently brought out my 93 MX-6 V6 for winter as it sat a couple months. Its my beater car now since I had my SRT-4 but i put that in for winter. Well I did all the usual maintenance to it but theres still some problems (I need a catback exhaust, I posted a WTB in the NJ section) so Im just trying to make the car OK for everyday driving.

I checked the codes and here's what I got:

02 - 'NE2' crankshaft position sensor
05 - Knock Sensor
16 - Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system
41 - VRIS #1 solenoid

and my ABS light is on and I got this code:

12 - Left front wheel speed sensor or rotor


For the crankshaft sensor I have no idea what the hell to do to fix that so, ill ignore that for now lol. For the knock sensor I think im gonna start running 93 instead of the 87 regular Ive been putting in. EGR and Speed Sensor I can replace and ill treat the VRIS the same as my crankshaft.

So, I figured, let me take a trip to the junkyard and see if I can find some parts (and stupid me, i have no idea what these parts look like LMAO). Well some of my friends need parts for their civic's so they are goin to the junkyard and I go along with them. :smokin:

We arrive and I tell the guy I need some Probe parts and he says "we got tons of those". Now this place lets you look around yourself and you have to get the parts yourself unless you wanna pay more so I go out looking.

I find ALOT of 4 cyl probes, and I go by the wheels and look for the elusive "vehicle speed sensor" on the rotor. I went to 4 probes and NONE of them looks like they have them, only a spot where it looks like the sensor is (two holes behind the rotor). I finally find a Probe and its a GT and there is a wire there that the others didnt have, so I look and YES, there's a sensor there, BUT goddamnit, the two bolts holding it in are bigger than my 10mm socket.:damnmad: I think they are 12mm's

Ohh well, Ill come back another day to get it, and I looked on top of the motor and realized I have no idea WHAT an EGR thingie is or even how to take it off so I decided to come back to the forums and research it.

So I found a couple Probe GT's and even one 626 V6 that I can get parts of in my area (Central Jersey). Im pretty excited and even found some other noteworthy Mazda's that I took pictures of.

Mazda MX-3 with intact 4cyl motor

And look at this Jewel!!!!

So I climbed up the ladder to take a peek and

Wow, the motor is still in it! And I looked at the interior and there was a Front Strut Tower bar inside. Pretty cool find, I wonder if any parts are compatible with my MX-6.

Well Im gonna be heading back later this week to get some stuff and bring more tools. Please give me your opinions on the CEL's and advice on how to remove those parts. Thanks guys!

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First, clear all the codes, by disconnecting battery and pressing brake for 10 seconds, then see if those codes come back. Some of those codes may be old codes, reflecting a past problem that has since been fixed. If they do come back:

02. The 93 will run even with this sensor disconnected, but it won't run quite as well. The fault is probably not the sensor, but the connection to the sensor, which is badly designed, and traps dirt and oil. The connection is right beside the dipstick for the oil, on a wire running down towards the crank pulley. Disconnect it, clean it with electrical cleaner, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, follow the wire down, and you will see where the sensor attaches.

05. Nasty one that. The knock sensor is deep down in the bottom of the 'V' between the two cylinder banks. You have to remove the Intake Manifold to get at it. Hope it's just an old code.

41. There are two VRIS solenoids in the middle of the IM, next to the firewall, side by side. VRIS#1 is passenger side. But grab the VRIS#2 off a junkyard car, since VRIS#1s wear out more quickly. Or, grab the fuel pressure solenoid instead. It is usually attached to the airbox. It's identical to the VRIS solenoid, except you have to remove the oval cap (with the Mitsubishi symbol on it) from one end and stick it on the other end (just pull with your fingers).

16. I don't know much about the EGR (fortunately I have had no trouble with mine), but it might be caused by a leak in one of the little vacuum hoses at the rear of the engine.

The V6 626 and Probe engines are effectively identical to the MX6.

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UPDATE: Got my ABS sensor from another Junkyard in the area.

I went in asking for a 93-98 MX-6 V6 or Probe GT and they said they had none, and was dissappointed. Then I asked on a whim if they had any 626's and BINGO, they had a 98 V6. So I said Ill take the ABS sensor and he informs me he can only sell me the whole spindle. He said he'll give me the whole thing for $50 including the sensor (which was a good deal) but I haggled him down to $40 and they said theyll take it off the car for me too!

I go back the next day, and check it out and everything and bring a 12mm socket with me (its used to remove the 2 bolts holding it in) to make sure its the right one. well they 626 bolts were also 12mm so i was real happy.

I get home and jack the car off and look at the two sensors, they are different!!! Damnit, my MX6 has a small sensor with short bolts, the 626 is way taller, at least twice as tall, and came with the longer bolts, but I checked the connectors and connection points and they are all the same, so i figured, why the hell not put it on.

I installed it, and used the 626 bolts too, and low and behold, MY ABS LIGHT WENT AWAY, WOOT!!!

So in summary

a 98 626 v6 speed sensor also works in a 93 MX-6 v6, and my abs works like a charm now.
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