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During this lesson you will be taught: how to change your factory sway bar from a 1g 4ws model to an aftermarket swaybar, in this case a whiteline 18mm)

The reason you are taught this, is so that you as 1g owners can change to a thicker rear swaybar which will help to prevent understeer.

At the end of this lesson you will be able to, take corners much harder and even throw out the tail that little bit.

Tools to be used:
  • Metric socket set
  • Jack and jack stands (make sure both are in a good serviceable condition); ramps may be used to save time jacking up the car
Step one: raise the car which ever way you choose, make sure the vehicle is stable before ever getting under it.

step two: get under the rear of the car and you will see there is a bash guard that covers the rear swaybar as well as the rear steering rack.

step three: proceed to taking off the bash guard by undoing the bolts holding it on. (should be about 6 or 7) by memory these are a size 12 bolt.

Step 4: after taking off the bash guard, then start undoing the 14mm bolts holding the swaybar to the end links.
note: there is one on each side of the car.

step 5: undo the shackles (these were originally hidden by the bash guard). there are 2 of these shackles, which hold the bushes, which hold the sway bar.

Step 6: your factory swaybar should now be ready to take off,pull on one side of the swaybar to get it off the bolt coming out of the ball join at the end links and then the whole bar should just come straight off.

step 7: look and smile at the new swaybar you are going to be putting in.

now its time to put the new sway bar in. but while that is being done i would go and replace the bushes on the swaybar endlinks to urethane bushes, these ones can be had pretty cheaply, most supercheap stores sell a brand of urethane bushes called "super pro" [shizzle] name but so far have had no problems and had them for 6 months. with whiteline swaybars you will also get provided 2 X 18mm swaybar urethane bushes which sit under the shackles.

step 1: put the bushes on the swaybar and grease them up with the grease provided, then bolt them up with the shackles going over them.

do this for both shackles. that bar should still be able to pivot back and forth at this stage.

step 2: push the swaybar onto the end links, should be fairly easy as the bar can still move around in its greased up bushes.

do this on both sides.

step 3: tighten up the nuts onto the bolts that hang out of the ball joints on the end links. (both sides)

step 4: now that your rear swaybar is installed, go back over teh two shackle bolts, and two endlink nuts and make sure they are tight (if you have replaced the endlink bushes too check these again now)

step 5: bolt back up the bash guard that covers up the centre of the rear swaybar and rear steering rack.

isntall complete.

During this lesson you have been taught: how to install an aftermarket rear swaybar on a 4ws 1g.
the reason you have been taught this is so that you may now drive with less understeer and feel more in control.
Safety precautions to remember are:
  • Jacking up the car; never put yourself under a car being held up by a jack, make sure it is on ramps or held up by jack stands
  • make sure you check over each nut/bolt for tightness before replacing the bash guard.
  • don't buy 18mm superpro swaybar bushes (ones under the shackles) as although the swaybar fits in the bush, the bushes are physically bigger and the shackle cannot fit over them, but whiteline provide a perfectly fine bush
now hopefully some people that were origianlly unsure can now happily install a rear swaybar safely on their 1st gen.
i know it's a pretty easy job which most people don't need guides for, but some people may, or it might just be helpful knowing exactly what to expect when they go change their swaybar.

please add any changes or comments below!
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