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cheap MOMO steering wheel + boss

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saw this on ebay, would be a nice bargain for someone plus theres a how to on here somewhere on how to fit it.

MOMO STEERING WHEEL & BOSS FORD PROBE MAZDA MX6 XEDOS on eBay, also Steering Wheels Boss Kits, Interior Styling, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 20-Sep-08 16:00:00 BST)

the how to is here. its for a momo Jet wheel but they are virtually the same.
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thats freaky you posting this..

I've just fitted mine out of the 6 into Garfy's MX-3 today. Good to see the ZE'd MX-3 back on the road again.

Must also add that the wheel advertised is missing the horn button surround.. its not a 'required' item, but does give a cleaner look.

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