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Cheap Spoiler for 5 door wanted

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Anybody know if the factory spoiler for the 2 door will fit the 5 door? Just thinking if I happen to see one in the junkyard one day, I'd buy it if it'll fit. I'd probably see more 2 doors with spoilers than the 5 doors...

John O
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there is a wing available from Finishline especially for the 5dr hatchback.
costs around 200 can be ordered at any mazda dealer.
i have one for sale..
this is put on this car about 6-8 months ago.
car is totalled and now will be parted.
this is THE original finishline 4ws spoiler........

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Sorry about your car..... I imagine freight to get it the spoiler to this side of the pond would be expensive?

St. Augustine FL USA
about $30,- i think ive sent a few to your countrie allready...
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