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Depending on how the tuner sets the dyno you could get 300HP

Only JOKEING. I've just had a dyno to myself recently and watching a number of differrent cars from old and new to fully worked. I will have to say UTrbo cars are the amazing one's I even have video of this turbo Rodeo on Pump fuel 12 psi it was putting down around 220HP put it upto 16psi and it only puts down a further 280HP only 60HP more but as the turbo is masive once you get to 20psi -25 psi boost on Higher octane fuel it then really boggys and gets up to 420 HP at the rear wheels.
So yeah the stock turbo is small but you may get what you think.
I know by 14psi it's gone. Basicly anything above 10psi and it's creating way more heat.

As for your times well, one thing to note is on a good drag strip it all changes. i know during the day at the creek it's still slippery by about 8pm it's very sticky and you go up to another 2000rpm on launch in manual if slipped not dumped and about 1000rpm on auto. This on street tyres as well.
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