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LBkHmErPiMp said:

That's tight, LOL. Maybe I can come to your house all the time. J/k man. We should have a lot more meets in Long Beach. Plus you'll be the only orange invader mx6.

If you're not familiar with Long Beach, I can show you around.

They're re-creating The Pike down by the Queen Mary, beautiful Place. We should have a meet there and take pictures. It's a nice place to group up at. But then again, if we cruise, maybe we might get shot LOL. Knowing how ghetto Long Beach is.

j/k about the whole ghettoness of long beach and getting shot. I don't bang, my homies do :)

Hey Larry,

The house we're getting is pretty nice. It is under construction right now. So, sorry, no guests yet. But give me a few months, and we'll see.

I actually go down there quite a bit to check out how things are going along. I'm not really familiar with the area too much, though.

Yeah, we should totally do something in Long Beach... I'm pretty busy these next three weekends. But any weekday is fine with me. Even if it is only to chill out at a cafe for a few hours or something (I have to study anyway.)
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