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Clarion Stereo for Sale..

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got a Clarion stereo for sale, cant seem to shift it on Ebay, anyone interested?

Clarion DXZ648RMP CD Player on eBay, also Clarion, CD Headunits MP3 Players, In-Car Entertainment GPS, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 12-Oct-08 21:10:20 BST)

if so, I am open to offers, and can end the ebay auction early if needs be. The stereo is good quality, but I just got a JVC touch screen one and I dont want to put this clarion in my truck as it woudl be a waste!

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oh, i just got a second hand one, a JVC kd-LHX501, the older touch screen one. I always wanted one, and at £50 i thought may as well have it. Not modern or anything like the new ones like yours, but am happy!
looks like thats one of the higher-end JVC CD headunits, thats a bit of a steal for £50, nice find.
well, i think it sgetting outdated, I know when it was new it was quite high end for obviopus reasons. It was a steal, and so far its been great. The only problem I had initially was the iso wires supplied, they were wired up wrong for somereaosn, so the aerial wouldnt raise, and it wouldnt keep settings (no power after ignition off), so I did some jiggery pokery with the wires and fixed it, now its all correct :)

only problem is people dont seem to want my lovely Clarion...the screen changes colour for lords sake! Its up for £40, but i keep getting offers of £28 or £30, nobody likes my counter offer of £35, WTF? I know this stereo was £400 new...£400! my mate bought it for his new BMW 3 at the time, so it was top quality, still is. Am I asking too much money? You can get cheap naff ones for what I am asking that will skip and jump like mad...and the screen wont change colour.COME ON, it does MANDARIN!!
ah well, sold it, £35. :(
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