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Hi there,

I'm the Features Editor at Classic & Sports Car Magazine, Charlie Calderwood. I hope there's no problem me posting here.

I'm looking to put together a feature of 1990s GT coupés, including a Mazda MX6. It's very early stages yet, so no date or location decided upon yet, but I'm probably looking at some time in October for the shoot.

Would anyone be interested in either taking the car along, or lending their car, for a C&SC shoot? It will be on a weekday, probably about 5 hours long, we'll repay your fuel expenses and do our best to provide lunch, as long as feasible at the venue. If you want to take your car to the shoot, you can do the majority of the driving, but we will ask to drive the car for at least fifteen minutes, to help us write about it. We have insurance for this.

We'd be looking for a standard car in as good as condition as possible, though it need not be a concours winner.

Please get in touch with me on the MX6 forum if you're interested.
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