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Clattering relay

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Good day people

I am a new member and I need some advice.

2.5 has been in a crash and stood at the panel beaters for almost two months, since I got it back had no joy with the car.

My problem is a clattering relay - I believe it is the main relay that should close as soon as you turn the ignition, but mine clatters even when the car is off. To stop the clattering I must disconnect the battery.

The car does not want to start at all, my aircon goes on and of as it pleases, sometimes the motor is turning but mostly it stays dead with only the dash lights coming on I.E. battery and oil light.
The hooter is not even working.

I had the battery tested she’s fine - checked for bad earths all is fine

Any ideas as to where I can start looking?

:confused: :help: :help: :help: :confused:
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Have you got fog lamps John?

'Cos the black one on the right is labeled 'Fog Lamp Relay' on mine.
(And the blank space just above it is R Fog Relay.)

Einstein said:
T'other way round Ken...

Top one is front fogs.. middle is N/A bottom is circuit opener (fuel system)

I'am betting Telstar doesn't have front foglights..

Beg to differ John. :)
The 626 obviously differs from the MX6 then. Mine is definitely different.
mx6-uk said:
The relay shown is for the fuel pump and injectors...
You sure Dave? You said the green one was when you replied to Andy here:

Here's the inside of my fuse cover. Fuses are R Fog (Black) - Fog Lamp (Brown) - Circuit (Green) and EGI Main Relay (Yellow).

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Well done all, glad your sorted William.

Now settle back and watch the Boks get trashed.
William, I hope you were standing up just then when they played your anthem... :) :)

1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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