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Clattering relay

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Good day people

I am a new member and I need some advice.

2.5 has been in a crash and stood at the panel beaters for almost two months, since I got it back had no joy with the car.

My problem is a clattering relay - I believe it is the main relay that should close as soon as you turn the ignition, but mine clatters even when the car is off. To stop the clattering I must disconnect the battery.

The car does not want to start at all, my aircon goes on and of as it pleases, sometimes the motor is turning but mostly it stays dead with only the dash lights coming on I.E. battery and oil light.
The hooter is not even working.

I had the battery tested she’s fine - checked for bad earths all is fine

Any ideas as to where I can start looking?

:confused: :help: :help: :help: :confused:
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It could be a faulty main relay, or the circuit opening relay, both are in the main fusebox under the hood (bonnet)
listen/feel the relays, find out which one it is, and replace it.

With the engine off... (key off)

are the headlights bright when turned on?
is the alternator ok?
what is the dark current amperage? (current drawn from battery when all is off... clock etc)
did you check the circuit opening relay as well?
Which relay exactly was/is chattering?

I have the manuals and wiring diagrams..

Dark current is measured by removing one battery lead, and wiring the ammeter in series. (i.e one lead on battery, one on loose battery lead)

The dark current should be 20mA maximum.

The circuit opening relay is one own and one to the right of the main relay.. will post a pic later.

The black one.... ok, seen as there are two.. })

The black one at the bottom, is the A/C relay.

The black one on the right is not listed in my books, and on my car there is a fuse in there instead of a relay.

The Yellow one is the main relay, the green one on the right is the circuit opening relay.

The others on the left are for the A/C cooling fan etc..

Look underneath the fusebox cover, it tells you what is in there... in mine, the right hand black one is crossed out.

Sorry I can't be of no more help.. although if Dave is lurking, he had a South African MX-6 and may have some idea what that black one is for.

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T'other way round Ken...

Top one is front fogs.. middle is N/A bottom is circuit opener (fuel system)

I'am betting Telstar doesn't have front foglights..

Don't know about yours Dave, but there is a difference in the manuals... volume one lists the main relay in the same position as your pic.. i.e. the black one on the right.
The wiring manual, lists it as the Yellow one in the middle..

On my car, I don't have the black one, just a fuse, and the yellow one is marked in the lid as the main relay..

It's obvious to me, the black relay is for something not fitted to UK cars..

Just seen your post Ken, and yours is certainly different, must due to it being a later car, because Dave says his is same as mine.

As for Telstar, it's anyones guess, but if your reading mate.. remove the relay, and see what doesn't work anymore..

With a test light connected to the Neg Bat terminal and the other side of the test light touching the body the test light comes on. So there is a major short somewhere in the car.
Or a very poor or non existant battery earth.

For me, this would be impossible.. as the neg battery terminal is connected to the body. using a test light this is just like going across the earth cable.. ie, no current in a piece of wire..

If there is enough current to light a test light, it would be going through the earth cable as well, shorting out the battery, which would have by now exploded probably. either that, or the earth cable would have melted, caught fire, and torched your car to the ground..

With a good battery having the capability to throw over 300A, something has to give.

I would seriously consider taking the car to an auto electrician.

Wishing you good luck William... with your car that is... not the rugger })

Seriously, if there's anything else, just ask..

The green one on the right is the fuel one.

Glad the car is running again.. shame about the rugger.. (for you anyway) @-

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