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cleaning up my computer and found some pics of old toys lol

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1988 yamaha enticer 340 I picked up for $600 with a new motor custom made my own 4 inch lift in the back which also shortened up the track meaning I could keep my speed up and slide around nearly every corner and it was mainly aluminum and could out climb all my friends newer sleds but had to sell it in the spring unfortunately

1987 mustang 2.3L auto was my 1st car and also the slowest car i've ever driven with all 88hp haha had it for 2 years then traded it for this next one...

my 93 mx6 RS miss that car so much! it had just under 370,000 kms on it when I sold it and the guy who bought it has been driving the piss out of it for about 4 months now and its still running perfectly!
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awsome mx6 sorry u had to sell it
that is a nice looking RS.
yah I miss it, that pic was taken after about 2 hours of waxing and cleaning lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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