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Clear Tail Lights Are Being Mfg. For 2gen (Supra Tail Lights) We need 200 wants

Make sure you fill out this simple form HERE. We will put your name on file so that you can stay abreast via all the current information and when the tail lights are out, you'll be the first we go to.

Please fill this form out! It's very important so that we know how many are really serious!

Ok well here’s the scoop. These are going threw I have already invested time and money. So don’t worry about that. This is not like other posts that don’t follow threw.

This has been updated as of 10/22/2003 4:03:04 PM, when I update I will add as we get further info to this top post. So you won’t have to look on page whatever.

Our web site is

Time for theses is about 3 months before they hit the streets. (I’m going to have them shipped by boat to save on cost)

I’m in contact with a MFG to make Supra style taillights for our cars (2Gen) we will be making other tails later and allot of other parts for these cars. (All translucent clear circles) Outer plastic will be clear or smoked

We are in the process of getting the mold made.

These will be complete

The turns, brake and parking lights will all be LED arrays. To give it that bright glow effect
We will use 6 LED’s on the side 3 for side markers and 3 for turn just like the new BMW 740IL.

These will be exact fit no cutting or molding of any kind (just like replacing with stock lights)

Who would be interested?
Price hasn’t been determined yet waiting for final quote (after prototype). Should be around $200.00

If you’re going to post a reply please keep it short

Oh note on the plastic being used it’s UV resistant (shouldn’t turn yellow) Lexon acrylic or something like that I forgot already but it’s the same plastic and glue that Mazda uses for there lens.
(I don’t want them to leak later on. So there being built rite the first time.)

Will not be Carbon fiber cost is to high and the dark grey supra color looks cool.

I would like any ones input, via phone or email. Email me with your number and ill call you. Or if you are in my area I will meat up with ya. To swap ideas.
[email protected] this is not my posted E-mail, also you mail email ZOOM ZOOM V6 @ [email protected]. He will be doing all the PR for us. Thanks again crooks.

I want to make the best lights we can get for our cars not some ricer garbage.

Here is an email that was sent out to everyone that put there name on the list.

Hello all,

I just wanted to take the time and introduce Brian Crooks and my self.

I am Thomas Ordon, I started MX6 Performance because I found very little aftermarket parts for our cars and the ones I did find were over priced.

Brian came aboard to help with the PR for these tail lights and Body Kits for our cars.

MX6 Performance will be up and running very soon I promise just settling on a few things.

You can email Brian or my self if you would like to order something from us before our site is up. We carry just about every thing imaginable for this car including Dynamat at a better price than anywhere else. We carry so many MFR’s. If you would like a price on something, email us. If we don’t carry it we will,

Remember we are here for our fellow MX6’rs

MX6 Performance is going to be a one stop shop.

(Get every thing available for our cars) including Stock Parts.)

Now to the good info (Supra Tails)

The cost for these is $200.00 U.S. Dollars.

The scheduled ship date is Jan 15, 2004.

We will have clear and smoked.

They will comply within D.O.T. Regulations. 100%

They will have a red reflective surface in there.

The circles as of now will be clear unless I find something that would prohibit in regulations; I keep looking just to be sure.

We will be shipping world wide you pay the import fees.

We won’t be jacking up the price for shipping.

It works out to be about $7-$8 U.S. to ship within the United States not Alaska or Hawaii, via Fed-Ex ground.

Email for specific rates to any other country.

First 200 buyers will get 10% the lights. That’s $180.00 + Shipping U.S. Funds.

Here is the offer to yall.

If you prepay we will send out an invoice to you after we receive payment.

1.) Just put your name on the list. And get 5% off any order up to the day there tail lights are shipped to them.

2.) Any one that wants to put a $75.00 U.S. down payment will receive 5%-10% off

(Depending on part) any order up to the day there tail lights are shipped to them.

And 50% off shipping of the tail lights (To the U.S.).

3.) Any one who pre-pays $180.00 U.S. amount will receive 10%-15% (depending on part) off & any order for 30 Days after the ship them there tail lights.

And free shipping on the tail lights. (To the U.S.)

If you are interested in 2 or 3, in pre-paying click one of the above links. And we will email you an Invoice (receipt) after we receive your payment. Along with your discount confirmation.

If you don’t have a Pay-Pal account it’s easy and free to create one @ and then just click one of the links above.

Remember Brian Crooks Zoom Zoom V6 knows where im at and I will be holding a few meets at my new house (well old but new to me) in Chicago. So no one has to worry about any thing running off as to many people will know where to find me and beat me LOL that’s not gona happen though this is a great opportunity for all of us.

I might be teaming up with another company to provide you with a deal for every thing we will need for our cars.

I think we covered it any other questions email Zoom at [email protected] he is working with me to get a lot of things going for everyone.

Thanks again,

Thomas Ordon
MX6 Performance

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If they are going to look anything like thisCarbon Fiber I will definatly buy them!! But i think whatever you decide to produce for our rear ends a lot of people will buy due to the lack there of. But to keep this short, I hope that this follows through and a great product is produced. as for price... imo 200 might be as high as i go, but it all depends on how it turns out.:cool:

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I'm interested in a set... I'd pay somewhere around 120.00. If you dont see me responding to your post again, and the lights get produced, let me know ASAP, cause I will def. purchase a set.

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clear tail lights

I would be interested in a set. The whole assembly would be best. The carbon fiber look would be excellent. I'd pay anywhere from 150.00 to 200.00 for them, if they are good quality lights.

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ill believe it when i see it.

im2tuf4me was selling some tails a couple months ago he was selling them for pretty cheap try sending him a pm and see if hes still got them. if u buy them from him and then produced these tails you would easily make up your loses.

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ya know...I like the idea of having modded tails for our car available, but the euro tail look has always looked really like cheap and stuff to me. just my .02. i would LOVE if somebody mfg'd some actual Supra or RX-7 style replica tails for our car tho. that would be amazing. and actually the ones for the mx3 would be ok if they were smoked lenses or something...i dunno, just being able to se the housing and all that stuff looks like its not quite finished to me. :shrug: but yeah if theres ANY chance of getting some Supra tails made for our cars or RX-7's that don't require cutting and molding and modding of the bumper/trunk lid, I'd be the first one in line. GUARANTEED. Thanks. peeeeeeace :cool:

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beware of scams.. hehe we already had one on this board....

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Clear looks really tacky, like the clear lenses on the Scion...:V . The look of these tails would look really good if you did one for a six. Kinda like the Altezza, but not.

Instead of the clear turnsignal, it would look really nice all red, three red circles covered by a red lens. Leds would look really good, but they aren't bright enough, unless you go for the same look as the G35s, then that's different. :)

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i think you shoul try to make it look the supra tails as much as possible. use only 4 lights so it doesn't look crowded.
i would definitely be in, if i dont get sick of my jdm lights. they're still very know what i mean. i trying to stick w/ the jdm theme.
but if the quality is great i will highly consider it, if it ever happens.

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I'm dyown! :lol: seriously, let me know. If they're about 150 - 200, i'd consider them for sure.


shift_drift said:
If they are around 150, then im in too. Cause people will respect our 6.
Heh, if you think a bodykit and clear tails lights is what gets you respect you are mistaken riceboy.

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hey, let's not flame in here flyswat. if u dont want to tails thats totally cool, but what i think shift_drift was saying is that any companies supporting more aftermarket parts for the 2g mx6 will cause more companies to pay attention and respect the 6...the ball gets rolling, domino effect :D Somewhat like the current drift explosion in America. It's been huge in japan for decades and I've been following it for years. Ken Nomura is my favorite :E So anyway, lets just try to keep this thing civil and let Tom do his work. lets throw some boes and break some bottles afterward 8D

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If you manage to get it look decent and if it looks like Supra facelift lights with a bit smoked lens, I'll be intrested. Hmmm... Where is my dang Photoshop...

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