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clicking and popping sound

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For a while i have been having a clicking sound when i drive the car, its not like a cv axle that clicks when you turn, it does it when going straight or turning regardless and is only audible when i am accelerating.

There is also a popping sound when i turn the wheel. I thought it was my front end links so i replaced those and it still makes the sound. It also makes a groaning sound during turning. I was thinking maybe control arms, ball joints, axles.

Anybody got any ideas on either of these?
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The popping when turning could be the strut mounts. They should not be cracked. Also check your wheel bearing. You can have someone put their hand on the hub of the wheel while you move the car or turn the car slowly. If you/they feel popping and stuff, the wheel bearing is probably bad. The clicking may or may not be the same problem i had but it seems similar, and my problem was that the VRIS was not connected properly. For that you will have to refer to the diagram of your motor's VRIS system, which can be found by searching.
I have clicking from the top of the strut tower. Been like this since I bought it, 3.5 yrs ago.
can a mod get this thread and my thread joined? same question, and wed get better answers.
it might be the strut mount im not sure, i was planning on redoing my drop pretty soon because my coilovers are complete crap and when i do that i could replace my strut mount and see if thats it, but im a little busy with school and work. And im more preoccupied with boost at the moment :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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