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Close to a mazda speed spoiler??????

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does anyone think that this looks alot like the mazdaspeed spoiler.... or possibly better?

and what is the height of the mazdaspeed?
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I dont think so :lol: I could try to measure it for you but its in the fiberglass mold right now.
so your saying that you started making the mazdaspeed spoilers??
yeah where have you been :)
geeze you got any pics?????? and how much you asking?
What car is it for?
yea...... no
umm. looms pretty damn close if you ask me. ill measure the spoiler for you when I get home and post some pics up or comparison.
I almost like that one better than the MS spoiler because it sits lower. :shrug: I nearly put a civic SI spoiler on my car back in the day, looks nearly like that one.
yeah where have you been :)
Side skirts and lip too? Please tell me prize for MS wing :)
The wing is on hold until I can finish the floor in my shop, I just dont have enough room in the garage.

The side skirts just got into the US last night so they should be here soon.
This looks like Accord Type-R spoiler.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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