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1994 mx-6 17" mht e-tune wheels; erebuni shogun kit;
15" cerwivega in da back ya know what im sayin })cross drilled roters ;) spupafly your ride sounds straight!!
im out of here lllaaaatttteee! :smokin:

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smachan said:
hey riceater6 do you plan on going? i plan on going, just seeing if you were planning on going. maybe we could work
out a plan and ride down there at the same time. also my buddy has a 95 probe plans on going.
yall man, i am going, have you check outt he details on if not go there. tell ncspeed2, on probetalk you are coming. i am not sure when i am going. i hope friday night and stay till sat. night. then come home. i might ride down with this guy that lives near me in greensboro, friday, if you can get to g'boro let me know. stay update witht he thread on ok
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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