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Clutch is gone?

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Hello there,

When I push the clutch pedal to shift gear, the clutch stays on the floor sometimes or just come back half-way. This is very annoying, Do I need to change it? I got to the garage and did bleed the clutch , so it's not a oil Issue.

I Have a 1997 MX6 V6 with stock clutch replaced 80 000 km's ago, the car is at 204 000 km. Not many mod's , just CAI and Borla exhaust.

If I need to replace the clutch, anyone have a model stronger then stock to suggest me? I go to the drag once a year and sometimes i'M a bit rude with it, but nothing much.


Jean-Francois Bouchard
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check your clutch cylinders
How can I check that?? do you have any advice or tricks I could do to make sure its the master cylinder, or I need to get it to the shop again??

Thanks for the reply
look under the dash and see if you see fluid near the rod going into the master cylinder and for the slave pull the boot back and if fluid leaks then your slave cylinder is bad. also check your clutch fluid. also push the clutch down slowly and if you feel it start to go down by itself then your master cylinder needs replacing
Ok but when you say to chek the clutch fluid you mean the same fluid as the brake one.. but it's 100% full . Unless it's not that "reservoir".. is it located to the right of the hood, in the rear?
The clutch and brake fluid share the same reservoir. If it's full, then the problem is very probably the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder.
oh i forgot its one reservoir
The fluid reservoir is sectioned in two parts. The front part is for the brakes, and the rear one inch nearest the firewall holds the fluid for the clutch. First, make sure that the rear part of the reservoir has fluid in it. If it does have fluid, and you don't see any fluid dripping anywhere, then it's probably your clutch slave cylinder, which is mounted to the transmission, or your clutch master cylinder, which is mounted to the firewall. Note that the clutch master cylinder is different from the brake master cylinder...there's no need to go changing the brake master cylinder for a clutch problem.

Also, if you're looking for a leak, the clutch hydraulic system is very easy to track. At the back part of the fluid reservoir you will see a black flexible hose leading to the firewall and attaching to the clutch master cylinder. Look for leaks there and inside the car against the firewall where the clutch master cylinder (cmc) comes into the car. From the cmc there is a hard steel line that goes along the driver side to the front of the car. Attached to this is another flexible line that goes to the slave cylinder. Look for leaks along all lines and at the slave.

I just replaced my clutch master cylinder because I had similar problems to you, but I had no leaks anywhere and I had bled the system many times. Replacing the cmc corrected the problem and the clutch pedal is now back to normal.
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