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Hi guys,

I need to know something asap. Reversing out of the garage last night, my clutch wouldnt go back (it lifts up a little bit). it somehow just sits there when i press, hence i can change gear coz somehow it lifts a little bit and I cant press it back down. This happens in first gear too. so i cant move the darn thing... I even have an engagement this weekend to go to .. waaaaah :(

Any ideas? its totallly farked! and it'll prolly need a tow to a garage.

What happened there? is there something blocking some fluids somewhere? what are our clutch systems made out of?

is it like the master cylinders or something (dont even know what that means but its covered by my mechanical warranty).

my car 2nd Gen MX6

any response is good....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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