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Clutch wires

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This is an Automatic!!! I found some info about wiring on forums and in the manual and myself. Not enought. There is a green wire which go's from clutch sensor to main fuse box and coming back as red/black, but inside the car the wires are same color. I dont see any red/black. The other clutch sensor which has same wire as brake sensor, what about that???? anything else???

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I think you need to step back a bit..

1. Explain the problem .. what you have put up there is confusing .. fortunately for you, some of us have been around long enough to decifer it ! .. but only just i think.

2. When posting a question, give all the details.. So.. you say this is an automatic... but the picture shows a manual shift, so are you converting this into a manual from an automatic ? where does the automatic come from ?

3. You say the wires are the SAME in and out, did you mean they are NOT the same ?...

The NEUTRAL switch wire for the Automatic is the same colour as the CLUTCH switch in a manual. The switch uses the gearbox as a ground, and sends the signal straight to the ECU, has nothing to do with the fuse box.

I think you have jumped in way too deep for your knowledge of the car, something else i see every day here... people just do not research enough before taking on a project. Research. then research... then research ...

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