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Don't pump the pedal it causes air bubbles.
Open the master reservoir and pull the bleeder screw out with a clean bowl under it to catch the fluid.
Let it gravity bleed and keep an eye on the reservoir level (don't let it get low).
Once you have passed as much as the reservoir holds out the bleeder hole, reinstall the bleeder, put the cap on the master and pump the pedal until it stiffens up and your done. If it wont build pressure after gravity bleeding, make sure the rod at the master is adjusted properly, if it is and the slave isn't leaking under the accordion boot than the master might be shot.

Never pump the clutch pedal when bleeding the clutch system. You pump the pedal for brakes to build up pressure in the booster which pushes the fluid trough the lines, the clutch has no booster and a much shorter system.
Brakes can also be gravity bled.
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