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Clutchmaster Stage II Clutch for sale!

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Clutchmaster Stage II Clutch for sale! - SOLD

Hi there. Like the title says, I've got a clutch for sale. I bought it from someone who was parting out his 6 a while back, never got around to installing it, and found it while cleaning out the garage, after I've already sold my 1996 Mx6 (which is what this clutch should fit). It had about 10k miles on it when I bought it. I'm asking 150 + shipping for it. I'm open to negotiations, so please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

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damn, if you had this last week, i probably would have bought it. I bought a new one last week. other thing is, wish you had bigger, more in detail pictures of your items. such small pictures just looks shady
you fucker!

i woulda bought this a week go too. damnit.
this clutch had 10K miles on it?
Sorry guys, I did have it last week, I just hadn't unearthed it from the depths of my garage. I just uploaded it to Flickr, becuase I already had an account with them. If anyone would like to see larger, hi-res pics of any of the items I've got for sale, just shoot me a quick message with your e-mail address and I'll get them to you.

And yes, roughly 10k miles.
I sent you a PM over at Probetalk since I cannot PM here yet. Thanks


to me

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