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ok, i tryed the diagnostics jumping gnd and TEN pin and i got : long short pause short short ... and then it repeats with longer pause between.
so this is 11 and 02 code right?
well i dont what i suppose to do in both of em.
i know what is that 02 code but dont know if i should change that crankshaft sensor by myself, can i? and that code 11 isnt listed at all (i used Mike's site - thanx mike :)).....

my mx6 is running strong but i had to raise a idle a litte bit by taking rubber hammer and i moved that piece of metal little bit towards that chain so my idle is like 1100 now. (before my car was stalling on the stops sometimes) i did it this way because i wasnt able to reach the idle screw... later i bought an air intake system cleaner and sprayed few times into a throttle body (i hope thats how it is called - that big hole with butterfly) but it didnt work either.

thanx Martin

if youll be so good to reply on my thread please use easy words cause im in the US for 2.5 years and dont know a lot of words of carparts yet.

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