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code p0135 problem

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Hi i have a 97 mx6 2.5 V6 and i have this error code P0135 coming up. I have checked it with the scanner and it says it's the oxygen sensor 1 in bank 1 (and that is the one closer to the radiator. Both of my upstream sensors have 3 in line wires ... i have replaced with about 3 so far and once the engine warms up the code is coming up.

i would like to know what other problem might be besides the oxygen sensor itself ? is it possible to be a short somewhere in the harness ? or is there a fuse that might be blown that i don't know about or what ?

i can't pass the smog and this is frustrating as it is my only transportation ...

Please if anybody knows more about this problem let me know ... i did some search on the forum but there are only couple threads and are not quite similar to what i have.

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I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that bank one is the bank which has cylinder #1, which in the case of the MX6 V6 means the bank closest to the firewall. So sensor 1, bank 1, means the one on the rear downpipe, next to the firewall.

It wasn't clear from your post. Did you just replace the front sensor? If so, I think that's the problem: you replaced the wrong one. Hope you didn't throw the old one away.
you know what .. i will give it a try ... i have one for the back too .. for the one next to the firewall ... so i will see what is going on ... thanks though .. hope it will work this way
Thanks NICK ... it is 100 % now sure that for mx6 1997 the Bank 1 Sensor 1 and the code P0135 the oxygen sensor with the problem is the one by the FIREWALL for the V6 engines 2.5 .
so the oxygen sensor for the front the one by the RADIATOR is Bank 2 Sensor 1 ... i tested it myself ...

Thanks for the input it really helped.
ok .. while im at it ... i had another error code in the same time but i wanted to finish first with one .... so i get this code p1195 ... i have tried to search but here there are not many info and there was one with pics but are very dificult to understand them ... so ... i would like to know what are the causes for a p1195 and where should i look into to try and fix it ... ???

it might be tha MAP sensor but i don't have soem schematics where is located ...
Thanks again Nick ... when i will be done i will give more details about how i did it ... if i will be able to fix it.
Ok .. it appears that i didn't have any problems with the boost sensor or anything with the egr ... as i read in one of the links that Nick gave me it seems that i must have swap the plugs for the 2 sensor that make the connection between the egr and the boost ( map ) sensor when i replaced the valve gaskets so when i put everything back i swap the plugs ( in this particular case the plugs are the same as both sensors are the same) ... thus the P1195 code... once i tried and swap them back .. i cleared the codes and i have drove the car today and no codes came back anymore ....

now I'm happy ... :))) ... i will pass the smog check.
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