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Hi, in the spring i want to put a coil over suspentionin my car, basically i wanna be able to slam my car at shows, and drive at a comfortable height.. and Air ride is outta the question ;)

my questions are
what setup do people use on their cars?
I'll be going with 17" rims, but i dont know which ones yet

basically what brand coils / shocks does everyone use?

i was told that Koni adjustables are the best for lowered cars.. but unfortunatly, they dont make them for the second gen MX6 (according to is there any other adjustable ones out there?

Also do spring brands make a difefrence, or is a coil over a coil over? are there stiffer styles?

I want a nice low ride, with a nice ride as well, not too rough, and not bouncy so i hit my head off the roof either (Hence why i was looking for adjustables)

P.S. this will be my first car that i modified the suspention.. my last car never made it that far :(

thanks in advance guyz/galz.

Also i was reading some other parts, and they said for MX6/626 .. does anyone know if these shocks/struts would be interchangable as well? if so what year(s)? cause i cant even find Probe GT struts/shocks.. would the probe be interchangable if i found a set?

thanks again

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There are a few choices, but if you want it all there really is only one combo.

1. Ground Control Coilovers.
2. Tokicos Illuminas

Not sure who told you Koni's were the best, they might be bale to past half way decent but nowhere near being the best.

There are a few other options when it comes to the coilovers, but the struts should be Illuminas no matter what, anything cheaper will probably blow after a few months, costing more money down the road.

You can also go with the Dropzone coilovers; unfortunately they suck ass in every department possible. Alot of people, including myself tried them and are extremely dissatisfied. There are also the generic coilovers sold for below $100 on eBay, don't touch those unless you want to take a big big chance with almost a 99% rate of failures.

For the price you can also get a few custom setup made by Moton or another company who's name escaped my mind right now.

Probe/Mx6 is the same car, so by logic pretty much everything except the body and interior will fit perfectly. 626 would fit too, but you might have problem with spring rates since they have a higher weight and need more coils to support.
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