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Man your car is the DOPEST! so dam nice!......well I got a few questions for you. Where did you get that hood? and that kit is custom , em I right? it looks like one of the Civic kits( civics suck cock!). Or was it just all custom done like without buying the kit? Also whats under the hood :)? What colour is your car(like I know its blue but is it Electron blue or what?). How much did that kit cost to get done? and the paint?

aight, thanks later.

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Ok, thanks...
-well, the kit is a custom kit from Buddy Club for Civic(I know, I know, it's for civic, but I like the style...) It did not cost me anything, TC did as a favor, since they used my first veilside style kit to make the mold.
-The hood is also a custom kit, I used the skin made from my friend's 240 racing hood's mold for the side piece, and just cut the center vents myself(TC's own body shop).
-as for performance, I have Mazdaspeed cams, crane ignition, custom programmed ECU(by akimoto, trust air intake, pully, optima racingn battery, hotshot header, greddy exh. system, NGK wires and plugs, Zspeed strut bar, polish valve cover....
-the color of my car was originally green, then I changed it to silver, now it's BMW M3 blue. Once again, since I did it with the kit, TC pick up the tab.
-if you would pay to have it done, the kit and the paint, will cost you about$4000 ~ 5000.

I hope these info will help a bit...:D

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