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Comments On: Plug and Play MSnS harness for 1GenB's

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Ask more questions/Respond here:

some one see if that link to the .doc is working please
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looks good and its well written. good job.

p.s. it wont link because angelfire doesn't accept direct links.
ahh, yeah thought i'd put that site i made years ago to good use.
Added PDF Mirror.. for those of us who don't have/use/or otherwise support MS word formats..
are the grounds on the db37 pin different for v2.2 and v3?

the only difference i see of your list to mine, is that i had the injector bank 2 listed under 3V for the ecu....:confused:
thanks for pointing that out, it was a typo. I fixed mine, but the mirrors will need to be updated.

as for the grounds on the DB37, as far as i know the all 1-18 pins are technically ground, with 19 specifically for the sensors.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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