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Completly Rebuilt 2.5 cheap

Im still trying to sell this Completly rebuilt KL03 2.5 Motor i have. I rebuilt it back in 04. It had 173k on it, the reason i rebuilt it was because one of the valve keepers cracked and allowed an exhaust valve to hang open. This caused 0 compression in one cyl and it ran poor. There was no other reason for rebuilding it besides that. For about A year this motor sat in a back room at work covered up, never touched. I only recently moved it to my home garage, still covered, Never touched. Im including the custom motor dolly deal that i made for it also. Wich has steel caster wheels on it for easy mobility of the motor. I literally rolled it off a trailer and pushed straight into my garage. its a Very nice tool.

This motor runs flawlessly, It started the first time i turned it over, has perfect compression and is very very quiet, no ticking. I had it run for aprox. 6hrs. No problems what so ever. I broke it in aprox 100 miles,

This was rebuilt by a mechanic (myself) and a professional rebuilder. It wasent garage/home built

The details on this motor:
  • All The Hlas have been taken apart, inspected and cleaned.
  • The entire motor have been acid cleaned(block,heads,misc parts)
  • It has a K&N Oil filter on it and is currently using mobil 1 5w30 for the 500mile break in oil.
The Parts:
  • Full Gasket/Seal Kit, Timeing Belt, Thrust Washers, Piston rings, Main & Rod Bearings, Water Pump, Thermostat, Valve Guides & Seals $757.00 From Parts for imports, w/ a discount All parts are OEM Premium Qaulity
  • Head Work Done by Auto Value (certified engine rebuilders) $300.00
  • The Crank, and Rods were Balanced and Ground by AutoValue also $85.00
  • The Block was Deglazed/Honed By Auto Value $50.00
  • Replaced OEM oil pump with a Toga High Volume Oil Pump From FlatLander Racing $150.00
  • Break in Oil, Filter, Grease $40.00
  • - minus Labor, Tools and extra parts to do this rebuild
The Intake Side of the heads already has studs in it for the Outlaw Phenolic Spacers, Also both Of the outlaw Spacers are still siliconed on. With a little clean up they can be reused.

I removed the Timeing HYD tensioner for my own purpose, so that is no longer on the motor, However I Locked The Cams and the belt so it stays timed dead on. The tensioner that was on there was used anywase.

What doesnt come with the motor:
  • Intake manifold
  • Valve Covers
  • Timeing Belt cover (although i can toss this into the deal)
  • Power Componets such as Alt, Ac & power Steering, Distributer
  • Stock Log Exhaust manifolds ( i can toss this into the deal)
  • All of this you should already have anywase if you have a V6
What is needed for this motor:
  • You will need a Hydrolic timeing tensioner $150-200
  • And a Gasket for the oil filter housing. As of now it leaks a little bit, It could just need to be retightend.
im asking $900 or B.O This is a big loss, but at the same time its money sitting in my garage doing nothing. Id prefer Pick up only, I really dont have means of transporting anywhere. I searched other Rebuilt motors in the US, ive found nothing for less then 2500.

I may still have some reciepts also for disbelievers.

This motor isnt built for boost. Its overhauled back to stock form, with a few upgrade's such as the oil pump. It can be boosted on, but i wouldnt recomend it untill after 10k. Its safe to add bolt ons, or run small shots of n20. Since its rebuilt and has a high value, id suggest using it for practical uses only. If you gotta nice 6, with a bad motor, and dont plan to go crazy.. this is what you want. This will last another 100-200k untouched. (well, maintained anywase)

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