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From what I've read, the only differance in the compression of the turbo and non-turbo 2.2l engines is the head gaskets.
Is this correct? Would'nt that mean I could put the thinner n/a gasket on my GT motor and up the compression to 8.6-1?
That would mean quicker than normal acceleration, with more torque.
If anyone has any experiance with this I really REALLY want to know.

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The difference is the pistons. The GT's pistons are dished to allow for less compression. Believe me you DONT want to increase the compression on the turbo engine. The nonturbo's pistons arent nearly as strong as the turbo's, and the increased compression will make detonation much easier. On top of that you wont really gain that much power to make it worth it. You want more power? Up the boost. That will give you way more power than increasing the compression in a much safer (and cheaper) way.
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