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Compression results - oh ohw

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Been avoiding the compression tester since I bought it a could of weeks ago. Thought it would be bad news - but not this bad.

Rear bank
115 | 182 | 195

180 | 182 | 135

Looks like that ZE will be coming sooner than later
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Number 2 and 5 the ones about to go? Is it normal for one to be soooo far away from the rest. I mean, a bad ring yer, but that is a big gap. My gap was about 20psi and I was shitting bricks (and rightly so with a dead engine now in my garage:)).
All I know is there should be no more than 10% diff between highest and lowest and I have about 60% difference.

I didn't quite believe the low figures and came back to those cylinders 3 times and did seperate tests-all the same result.
Did the seller mention the compression was good?
this is the old DE engine in the car when I bought it.

I HAVE put 50k on the engine since I bought it and haven't exactly driven it gently.
have u done a wet test (apply oil down the cylinder and recheck if compression comes up if so u have a ring issue if stays the same valve problem
How much oil do I put in each cylinder?
Apparently just a few drops to a light drizzle. Very little.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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