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confused! someone help!

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ok so my car stopped moving......and i cant tell if the trans went or its the clutch.
the car shifts into gear on the trans. but when i put it into first and let off the clutch the car doesnt even stall.....i am hoping its the clutch because its only 120.00 on but if its the trans im gonna put the car in the garage until i get the money....and ideas guys? please respond

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does it make any noise when you roll straight/turning? Are you leaking any trans fluid? Have you looked underneath yet?

doesnt move...... not leaking anything
exploded diff sounds like. If your clutch/pressure plate was fubar'd, you would at least be able to roll the car. :tdown:
My neighbor had a Honda Civic All the gears would go in, but it would not move and it was the clutch disk that was bad.
ightt im going to bring it to a shop tmrw im going to check i mean the car only has 170,xxx miles on it. i expect the least cuz im broke
figured out its the clutch and one place charged me was 755.00 fuck that
Glad it's the clutch and not the trans :) Now you can do it yourself
Thats what it sounded to me the clutch :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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