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No way did you want to drop to 3rd. 4th was the right gear. The power band on the 1st gen turbo is low and going up too high in rpm during a down shift will put you at the end of the power band or at a point where you will very soon be out of the power band.

Stock, the peak HP of 145 is at 4300rpms and peak torque of 190 is at 3500rpms. At 60mph 4th gear would put you somewhere around 3800rpms ( I think). Perfect, right before peak HP but just after peak torque.

3rd would have been a mistake and at 60mph would have put you at 4800rpms. At the down part of the power band. Sure it would still pull great but not as good as 4th and it would be one less shift (time and a chance to miss the gear).

Next time you see him, I'm sure you will get him.

Good luck.
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