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Anyone try converting a coupe to a convertible?
I have a 95 MX6 and I've seen pictures of convertibles. I'd always thought this would make a nice ragtop for weekend cruising, but figured the cost would be prohibitive.
I did a search but nothing turned up.

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There is only 1 picture that I've seen, and that is this one.

Some people say it's photoshopped, some say it's real, some say they've seen it, some say they're driven it. I really don't know what to believe. Maybe mazda made it but never went into production, I never bothered to research it.

The problem that would arrive if you "convert" an MX6 coupe, would be that the structural integrity of the entire chassis would be weakened. I'm not saying it's impossible to do, it just wiuld cost so much because you would then have to reinforce the chassis is different locations.

One thing's for sure though... that would be a helluva mod!

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Didn't know that photo might be fake.

Have to agree with you on the chassis issues. My thinking would be to add some strut braces for a bit of help. I would use it only as a cruiser, no thrashing it about, but for weekends drives etc. It certainly looks good, better than the E46 Bimmer convert I think, even better than the Sebring.
I know that people used to do this kind of thing routinely. I guess you don't see this much anymore.
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