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Not an exciting subject, but it's stinking hot and I'm looking for help on A/C maintenance.

Can anyone tell me the correct low and high pressures for a '95 model? (V6, although i doubt it matters) Has anyone done their own recharge on these from those cans that Walmart etc sell?

The correct pressure for the high/low sides depends on the ambient temperature when you take the pressure reading, and varies from 170-280psi for the high side, and 21-28psi for the low side. You must use the chart from the service manual to verify the correct pressure. I can email this chart to you, if you'd like. The manual does not make a distinction between the 4cyl and 6cyl engines, so the pressures are assumed to be the same. The R134a cans for about $5 from Wal-Mart work just fine, just be sure to not over-fill your system.
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