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Coolant Leak

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So I cant find where the leak is coming from. Its slowly dripping off the back of the oil pan next to the pass side drive shaft. None of my hoses are leaking. I thought maybe its the water pump but figured I would ask before I dive into that mess.
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mine was dripping from the belt tensioner right around there and it was the water pump. better just bite the bullet and do it quick because it will only get worse quick. Its really easy aside from getting the timing belt cover off.
Is'nt there a welsh plug around there that may be a bit rusty?

You are going to have to heat it up nicely and then get under there to see where it is coming from. More heat = more pressure and then you will get a faster flowing leak. Easier to detect.
A "welsh plug"?? That's a new one for me. Must mean the same as 'freeze plug'? Good idea, anyway.
Welsh plug is pretty common???

Maybe goes by another name your side of the pond...

WikiAnswers - What is welsh plug

I see in above wiki it states they are called "freeze plugs" in the USA...
The freeze plugs looks great. Plus I cant start it yet.
Maybe this will sound dumb, but did you check the filler neck or whatever its called between the heads on that side? There is an o-ring that seals it on the coolant line that runs under the intake manifold. Like I said it may be dumb to ask it would seem like an obvious place to look, but best to check all your bases.
Meh--- then waterpump would be my bet. No harm to check it, you will see the leak without having to remove the pump itself.
When my last water pump fail, it was leaking coolant out of the bearing, and I would see coolant dripping off by the crank pulley.
check and see if auto zone has a pressure testing kit you can use. Thats the best way to find coolant leaks.
Why would the block be cracked? If it is I have a year warrenty.
Why would the block be cracked? If it is I have a year warrenty.

All that unstarted horsepower?

Check the heater hoses? I believe they route in that area,
Well it's not a brand new engine, it's been in a car before. And I doubt you got it full of coolant with no leaks.
the heater core hoses run through the firewall about at the center of the back of the motor...might be the case...his description of where the leak is is a bit vague so that might be a possibility
vague? Its on the lip of the oil pan back by the drive shaft pass side.
Hey guys, I have the same problem.

How much will a new waterpump set me back?

And how long would it take to replace, could it be done in say an afternoon?


It was the water pump :)
Not to beat a dead horse or anything but my ZE came FULL of coolant noyz. I did not realize this until I removed one of the hoses traveling to the oil cooler plate..haha.
I seem to have the same problem your describing, the same leak location. How did you eventually find out it was the water pump?
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