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Copper Head Gasket?

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I know of a place that will custom make a copper head gasket, the only thing is that I need an OE Mazda Head gasket for a blueprint, does anyone have one, or have any idea what they cost at Mazda?...and what do you all think of this idea?
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Awesome, I want one too! I have my old mazda head gasket, wasn't blown but it has 180k. Should be fine for a template.
I paid $85.xx for my factory head gasket from mazda like 3 weeks ago. Too bad I just cracked a piston so it has to come off again....

Anyways, ask them if it's safe to use with aluminum. Copper head gaskets are supposedly bad news for aluminum heads and eat them up. Also ask if it's reuseable.
any news on this?
If they're safe for our cars, you might consider having more than a few made... I know if it is safe and not much more than the mazda one, I'd consider getting one.

Those things are $85? Yikes!
Yeah, if you have the spare cash, make a few. I'm positive you could charge more than the dealer charges and still sell them.
on THIS SITE?...... Pffffft....FORRRRGET IT. You'd have troubles organizing a bulk buy of heated gloves for Eskimoes on this site.
I would front the money for the project, but all i ever hear when BB come up are things like "I'll have the money...but not untill next spring" or "I need to see PICTURES FIRST":rolleyes:
I am putting new rings in my 89 GL this weekend. I have a turbo head gasket but found one for the GL at for $8.43. I thought it was a mistake so I ordered it. They are supposed to be selling Mazda OEM parts. The list was over $40.00 but they sell everything at a discount. Also picked up a new manifold gasket and valve cover gasket. Total was like $17.00 with shipping. I just hope they are really Mazda parts like they say. Might check them out....
Well I have a copper Headgasket (although I havent put it in my sig) and it seems to work great, also looking at it before it was installed it looked really tough. So far I haven't had any problems with the copper reacting with the alumium, however I didn't hear of this until after I installed the Copper Headgasket so we will see how it goes.

GTRAFF thanks for the link.

Methman where did you get your head gasket and how much did you pay? I really need one since I'm tearing into my engine so much. I need something I can reuse.
about the copper head gaskets

copper head gaskets r good but not with aluminium heads the amount of torque needed to crush them down and seal them is usually too much for the head and can cause them to warp but somwon said theyve tryd it and havent had any problems YET!
but unless he toqued it down way more than maufacturers specs it probably wont seal well enough for a very hp engine.
maybe im wrong i would mind knowing how they work out. but as an allternitive i coat my new gaskets with stag or permatex 3 that way they come off without sticking to the surfaces and they seal up good as gold copper coat in a spray can is good too. that way u can wipe off the old sealant with solvent and reuse the gasket as long as u havent over toqued it and u dont damage it
i wouldnt try using it more than twice but. im not saying it wont blow either all im saying is that mine havent yet.
oh and also it dosent hurt to put a light smear of high temp silastic just around the edges of the water jackets either.
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oh yeah and also when i said solvent i shuld have said brake or contact cleaner only!
I looked for a gasket on there, it has a list for a cylinder head gasket set, for about $74. I'd assume then that that's all the seals needed for a complete job, not just the head gasket? (valve cover, etc)

Maybe I'll wait to find out what you receive from them.
Beno, the main reasion copper head gaskets are discouraged on aluminum heads is because of electrolysis.

Copper + Aluminum = Chemical reaction, much like a battery.

I personally have never seen the damage, but its said to eat pickmarks into your head and the gasket, causing premature failure and the need for correctional milling of the head.
flyswat, I have to pick on you b/c you pick on everyone else:
electrolysis is having hair removed by electricity, it has nothing to do with aluminum and copper reacting. But you were right when you said chemical reaction:)
LOL, I'd check your facts before you tell people they're wrong. Electrolysis is a reaction between two different molecules & the term was around a long time before tidy bikini lines! :rolleyes:
what about installing an OE gasket in between?...I know it defeats the purpose, but...nevermind :lol:
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