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Well, coming home from work one night, light traffic, on a 4 lane freeway, around midnight... cruising about 75mph a Lexus SC400 was buzzing through traffic I started to buzz through too... before I knew it we were racing through traffic at speeds reaching a top of about 115mph. We went on for about 4 miles when my radar detector started to blow up!!!! Just about this time I saw the cop on the inside shoulder shooting the laser!!! SHIATTTTTT~!!!! I slammed the brakes and got down to about 85mph and the lexus just kept on going right past the stationary cop. I finally got down to 65mph and swung over to the right side of an 18 wheeler when I saw the cop fly by after the lexus... laughing my ass off about 2 miles later I saw Mr. Lexus parked on the side getting his ticket!!! Damn I am soooo happy I have a radar detector!
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