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Hey guys I've been checking in to getting a J-Spec, and I can't decide where to get it from. I know some of you have mentioned that you can get them for $1400 from different places. Cork Motorsports wants $2212 for one though. Has anyone checked the other places lately? Also, are the other places as reliable as Cork is? I don't want to shell out a bunch of money and then get a messed up engine. I the ones from Cork are lower miles or better in anyway I'd appreciate the feed back.

I'm going home (Oregon) for Xmas and since Cork is in Portland, I was just going to take it to them and drop it off. This is what I'm probably going to have done along with the prices: J-Spec $2212; MazdaSpeed clutch set $378; Install + ECU programming $500. That comes out to a total of $3090. I am also probably going to get headers. Any suggestions? I haven't talked to Derrick at Cork for a while so I'll probably call him tomorow and see about getting a lower price though. Anyway, any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Let me know if you think I should do this or go another route.
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