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Crank sensor issue

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after 2 weeks sittin and doin nothing in my mechanics shop, theyve finially came down to the point , after replacing the disty, that the stupid crank sensor has been causin it to not start all along.. supposivly bypassing this will solve the problem rather than replacing it.. anyone have a diagram or pic as to where this sensor is???
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The 2.5L ignition system uses three sensors that provide information to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). These sensors are as follows:

l Cylinder Identification (CID) sensor. The CID sensor is mounted in the distributor and sends a CID (G) signal to the PCM. This signal is used for detection of the No.1 cylinder TDC position.

l Crankshaft Position (CKP1) sensor 1. The CKP1 sensor is mounted in the distributor and sends a CKP1 (NE1) signal to the PCM. The CKP1 sensor creates six evenly spaced signals for each distributor revolution. These signals are used during starting, in a backup condition if the CKP2 sensor fails or when the STI (TEN) terminal of the Data Link Connector (DLC) is grounded.

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