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Ive got the 95 4 cyl. ATX and I'm afraid its short life is finally over with. :(
My Question is....................What transmisions will match up to the bellhousing bolt pattern?
Im going 5 Spd and I got in a hurry and ran out and ripped a 5spd tranny out of a 1.6 94 mx3 only to find out later it wont work. :)
It was my only shot I couldnt find any 93+ mx6 or 626 in the old heapyard.
Is there any other cars you guys know about that would bolt up?
Its my daily driver and Im at a loss.
Or any of you guys wana trade for a 94 1.6 mx3 tranny and clutch in great shape?? :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts