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Cruise control !!!! '95 Manual MX6

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OK My cruise control Diagnostics shows EVERYTHING IS FINE. When switching on my cruise control diagnositcs, even going over 40 it shows correct responce, BUT when I actually try to use it, the light on the dash comes on sometimes for 3 or 4 seconds and goes of, other times just a flash and it is off again. NEVER does the cruise control actually take over and get me going.

I checked in the engin bay and only one black pipe comes from the cruise control unit and that is not blocked. DoI take apart that whole unit (Big round thing) or what else can I check as like I said the electronics seems fine, but it is as if something is just cutting of the cruise control before it actually takes over. Something seems to override it maybe?? OR am I using the cruise control wrong? (Can't see how I can use it WRONG as I use to have cruise onmy other car and tried it each and every way on this one?)

PLEASE this has been a hasle for almost a year now and I CANNOT for the life of me get the cruise control to actually WORK.
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Ok well the cruse is switched on at the main switch on the dash.. then when you are above ~60Kmh in any gear other than first, you can hit the set button on the wheel.. now it should “cruse”..
If you press the accelerator it will decelerate, but will return to the set speed..
If you want to increase the set speed press and hold the excel button on the wheel..
If you press the break then it will come out of cruse. .or you can turn of the main switch..
Is that how you have been using it?

Doing about 120KM/h on the hi-way I switch it on at the main switch (Switch light comes on) THEN I push teh SET button and the green "cruise" light on the dash comes on for either a couple seconds or somtimes just a flash. Leaving the gas pedal teh car just keeps slowing down even if the cruise light (green) will stay on for a few seconds more before it goes dead. Not at ANY stage does it "cruise" on its own if I do not keep on controling the petrol. DAMN frustrating as I do LOADS of long distance driving and have to say the cruise control on this car was a selling point for this reason. Any ideas where I can check?

I have thought it might be something like the crutch sensor swiitch, but taht seems to be right as well as the break light seonsor. ALSO fine. At first the "cruise" light did not come on at all, but I reset the battery diagnostics etc (There was a diagnostic problem with the clutch sensor switch on the Cruise control diagnositcs, and I wanted to swap it, but after I reset it that error never game back and the clutch switch now checkes out fine accordiung to the cruise control diagnostics) Well the green "CRUISE" indicator as I said comes on for a few seconds, some times longer than others, but always with the same result. THE CAR NEVER CRUIS, and the light just goes dead after a while.

Any ideas?
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Besides the vac hose (that you have checked) I don’t suppose the cable is snapped or has perhaps been removed from the accelerator peddle?
Cos like you say it doesn’t sound like an electrical problem.. (more mechanical..).. id have a look on the top of the peddle to see if the cable has jumped out of its socket or something..
The vac hose is the black thin pipe that runs from the cruise control unit to the engin itself, right? Well jsut that hose itself is not blocked, but is there anything ELSE I can check in the engin bay regarding this? I will have a look at the complete cable from the cruise control "unit" in the engin bay to the pedal. Is that a tricky thing/expensive to replace if it is that?

Can I see the cable connection to the top of the gas pedal easily or is this something I would have to have time for?

PS Iam in South Africa, so might be a bit more costly than for you guys.

Thanks again for the help. Hope it is just the cable then.
South African hey ?. .well nobody’s perfect.. j/k :D
Im in Australia.. And if yours is like my one (and I think it is, an E spec yea?)
The cable is clearly visible inside the car..
The vac hose .. when you say it isn’t blocked .. im not sure I follow .. Are you saying it is open ., like not connected.. Have a look at this diagram..

edit..mate im sorry I cant find that pic.. but essentially .. the hose needs to be connected to a vacuome source..

but this is a pic of the vac system and you can see the red arrow.. connect it here..
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Well if you where not helping me so much I might have had something to say about your rugby team for the world cup, so would rahter keep quiet. lol. joking.

Where did you gt the image. I cannot really make out anything. Any chance of getting a better quality pic where I would be able to read the text parts so as to make more sence to me? THANKS AGAIN.

OK The only thing I know has to do with the cruise control in the engin bay is a biggest silver drum kinda thing where the cable fits in that comes from the gas pedal, and then the one little black pipe comes out of that and into the engin at the top front. (Sorry sounds silly explenation, but not sure what everything is called (SPECIALLY in english)
yea . .so if you have the motor runing and pull the hose of the cruse you get a vacume .. (stick your finger on the end)
Have not tried that.. Just checked the hose and that is fine, so ifg I do not get a vacuum if the engin is running, then where is the problem? I pull it out of the "cruise drum thingy" and leave it in the "engin" and then should get a vacuum on the pipe? OR other way around? Pull out of "engin" and leave in "cruise drum" and then get vacuum? Guess it is leave in the "engin" right?

Where do I go then if no vacuum from "engin"?? I will go try it now quickly. Just take a sec.
With the motor running you should get a vacuum .. I’m just thinking perhaps it is connected to the wrong place at the motor end .. look @ the pic above .. the red arrow..
Not the ones with the brown hoses on them.. perhaps they have been mixed up?
OK I checkd that. There is a vacuum on that hose definitly. I cannot see it being at the wrong place as the hose is shaped to fit just there.

Looked at the cable at the bottom as well it seems to be quite fine at the top of the gas pedal onder the dash. No problem there. Where else would there be a mechanical problem on it?
The image, is this the V6 2.5 engin? Might be a silly Q, but the top looks different to mine, unless I am just seeing it wrong??
Check the brake switch... It is a dual circuit switch so the brake lights may still work however the cruise may not... Since the cruise control requires the switched to be in a "closed" position I.E. the wires must be shorted, if the switch is bad or if the connector isn't making a good enough connection then that might be your problem.
If you have a manual trans then the clutch pedal has a switch on it very much like the one on the brake switch that serves a similar function.
Where do I locate these: ?? you say.. Just behind the clutch pedal and nearer the top of its hinge.

Shouldn't be hard to check with a multimeter.

Clutch pedal position switch for the Cruise control which houses two switches.
One for the engine control and the other for the Cruse control.
Relative wires for the CPP are W/GN & BL/O,

This may be disabling the Cruise control module.
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It is just a drawing I suppose .. but it supposed to be a 2.5.. why what does your manifold look like?

or one of these..

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Well I know where they are. I have been told it was my Break light sensor, but this I replaced with a new one. The Clutch switch I thought was the problem as I got the error on the diag when first cehcked. After resetting the diag I did not get teh clutch error and diag reads the clutch position correctly. I have also bridged the clutch position and tried that while driving and getting to speed trying to activate the cruise... NO LUCK. Might have bridged it wrong then???? What do I BRIDGE. ??????
Mine looks like the bottom one of the 3 pics I think.
That is the normal 2.5 .. the top one is a KLZE (jap 2.5) and the middle one is a KFZE (2ltr)
To be honest I don’t know for sure.. but the clutch switch has 2 sets (like I said) and the set of contacts for the Cruse should have wires colored W/GN & BL/O .. now it may be normally closed I just don’t know but if you put a Multy meter (set to ohms) across those contacts and press the peddle you should get some sort of response if it is working correctly (either closed in the undepressed position or open and or vice versa)

But if you have shorted it and it made no difference try to disconnect the W/GN & BL/O wires from the switch and see if that works..
Alternatively you have shorted the other set of contacts..
OK IF the diag says the clutch switch is fine and then I do the clutch switch diag test and it comes out fine (So it beats the correct light sequence out when teh clutch is depressed and shows nothing if it is not) Does this not allready show that it is giving correct feedback to the correct wires? I think I will try to bridge them again. I actually took the whole clutch switch out last time and let it hang loos with a bridge piece of wire in. NOTHING.

Ooo I am giving up with this, but only place I can think of where you have somethng mechanical that will override the cruise is break and clutch. Apart from taht you have the buttons, but that is electronic so will either WORK or NOT. And the cruise light does come on for a sec which I would nbot expect if it was a electronic problem. What else is mechanical. Vacuum is there. The cable to the gas pedal is there and in place, the clutch sensor is suppose to be fine. The brake sensor is fine. What in @#[email protected]$ name else?

I do not have to tell you how frustrated I am by now. I am jsut glad I have some help on this site with new ideas to check and the expeirence to know where and how from you guys. CHEERS MATE.

OK next step is go back to the clutch sensor, then break sensor. Bridge them and see.
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